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Allergy Cards to keep you safe


What are Allergy Cards?

Allergy cards help you communicate your allergies discretely and confidently. We’ve tested our cards to make sure the are taken seriously and are noticed. FlavorSafe cards work for single or multiple foods allergies for top-8 food allergies and beyond, and can be ordered in multiple language translations.


Each order is made specifically for your allergies and your specific reactions. That means the people around you know exactly what to avoid and how to help you stay safe.


FlavorSafe cards are designed to be remembered. You’ll receive a stack, so you can keep several in your wallet, purse, pocket, car, and anywhere else convenient to store them.


The design of the cards has been researched and tested to be effective. The specific language works and the visual design will make it clear your allergies deserve attention.

Hi! I'm allergic to protein

How it works

You’ll stay safe and feel confident by keeping you allergy cards in convenient locations.

  • Select your allergies

    Order cards for your allergies. If you have multiple allergies, create a custom card unique to your needs.

  • Add a language pack

    Do you explore other cuisines? Add a language pack with Chinese, French, Spanish, or Korean translations.

  • Keep them in convenient locations

    Put a few cards in your purse, wallet, pocket, book bag, glove box, etc… You’ll receive plenty of cards, so they’re always convenient.

  • Hand them to your order taker

    When it’s time to order, hand it to your server! They’ll take it to the chef or kitchen.

  • Eat with confidence!

    You’ll often hear servers thank you for the cards. And on occaision, chefs will come out to thank you, too. Servers and food preparers LOVE FlavorSafe Allergy Cards!